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Integrating Social Networking

Grade Level: English 11 (11th grader)
Lesson Plan: Unit 2 Lesson 4 Edgar Allan Poe: Integrating NearPod and Edmodo 

*Due to copyright laws at CCA, I can't take any pictures of the lessons within our LMS, Connexus, and post them to an outside platform for any purpose

Lesson Plan:

Essential Questions

  • What Gothic elements are present in Edgar Allan Poe's literature?
  • What did Poe deem as the intended effect of his literature?
  •  Did Poe follow his own qualifications for short stories? 


  • Read and analyze Poe's literary works including his letters and short stories
  • Describe how the setting contributes to Poe's intended effect
  • Evaluate Poe's writing using his own criteria
  • Demonstrate your understanding of Poe's "The Raven" in a NearPod activity 
  • To collaborate in Edmodo and create a post for peers to respond

The students will complete their lesson in Connexus on Edgar Allan Poe; this lesson is for Unit 2 Lesson 4, and it should take students 2 days to complete; all lessons are already designed and assigned withing the LMS system for the entire school year. First, students will click on a hyperlink to read his Poe's letters, and then use EBSCOhost Research Database, accessed within Connexus, to research an article titled "Poe, Edgar Allan" from the Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia. Students will then use SAS® Curriculum Pathways to complete an activity using the same article. Towards the end of their lesson, students will read Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death," and then complete a 5 question Quick Check assessment based on the material learned throughout the entire lesson. 

The integration of social networking will take place during my LiveLesson, after students have already completed their Unit 2 Lesson 4 readings and Quick Check assignment through Connexus; this lesson will take place on day 2. Students will enter the room, and see the note and NearPod link; I would have sent out a webmail previous to the LiveLesson session explaining NearPod and the Edmodo activity with an invite, beforehand. Once they click on the link, they will be taken to and asked about a code. I will then provide the students with the code. I will also tell students to visit the link provided for Edmodo to join our English 11 group; hopefully students have already joined the group prior to LiveLesson--as requested in the webmail sent, once they've opened their invite in Connexus. A code will be provided as well. Before the start of our NearPod activity, students should have three tabs open: Adobe Connect-LiveLesson, NearPod LiveLesson, and Edmodo to our Group's Page. We will begin when all students are in the NearPod room together. 

                                                             NearPod link and Code

                                                     My LiveLesson Room (with Note and Link Pod)
                                          Edmodo Invites to be sent to each students' webmail 
                           Edmodo link that will be provided in the Notepod during LiveLesson 

Once in the NearPod room, we will begin our activity on Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven." I will tell students to remain focused on the tab with the NearPod LiveLesson. During this activity, we will listen to an audio of the short story first, and then hold a partner breakout session, where students will discuss tone and mood. Students will hold this discussion in our LiveLesson Breakout rooms; the number of students will dictate how many rooms I'll need. Students will be placed in the Breakout rooms randomly, and have 5 minutes to discuss their answers.  

                                                                           Audio Recording
                                                                 Talking with a Partner

                                         An Example of the Breakout Rooms in my LiveLesson Room

This Nearpod lesson also include multiple interactive activities requesting the students to scroll, draw, highlight, and provide answers to question posed throughout the lesson. As the instructor, I'm able to monitor those students who are actively engaged and who are participating; both the students and I can see the responses that are submitted. I will use the assessment report that's sent to my email address to evaluate which students will earn credit. Since the major project for Unit 2 is due in Lesson 11, I will simply combine students' participation points for this lesson with their Quick Check grade. 5 points will be given based on the discussion with their partner (I will save the Chat Pod dialogues in each Breakout Room), the highlighting activity, and the Q and A exercises. Those 5 points will be combined with the possible 5 points earned for the Quick Check for a total of 10 points; The Edmodo assignment will be an additional 5 points to total 20 points for the Unit 2 Lesson 4 assignments. 

                                                   Interactive highlighting exercise

Question and Answer exercise 

                                                         Requesting An Assessment Report 

The NearPod activity should take about 20-25 minutes; the Edmodo activity will take up the renaming LiveLesson time--approximately 15-20 minutes. Once students have read Poe's "The Raven" and have completed some interactive activities on the short story, then will go back into their Breakout Rooms. This time, depending on the number of students, they will be broken into groups of 3-4; if there are 12 students in attendance, I will create groups of 3 with 4 students in each room. I teach two LiveLessons a day (9:00 am and 12:30 pm sessions), so there will be more than 3 group postings to the Edmodo English 11 Group page by the end of the day. Students will be given 7-10 minutes to discuss the question: " What Gothic Elements are present in Poe's "The Raven"? in theire Breakout Rooms. This questions will take the notes gathered in Connexus, analysis of the Gothic subgenre, and an in-depth look at Poe's "The Raven." One student in each group will be chosen to post the group's response to Edmodo; I will ask that their names and session time be included in the post. The remaining time in class will used for each student to individually visit the posts of their peers, and respond to their answer--students will not comment on their own group's post. Students can agree with their peer's assessment, offer another perspective, or pose a question to the group. I will explain to the class I'm looking for a conversation as well. Like all assignments in Connexus, the students will have until the last day of school to complete this assignment.

-For students to engage in the NearPod LiveLesson
-For students to collaborate in teams and create a post in Edmodo
-For students to communicate with each other during the NearPod LiveLesson and in the Breakout Rooms
-For students to provide feedback on their peer's postings in Edmodo
-For students to demonstrate their understanding of Poe's literary work, and it's connection to Gothic Literature (Romanticism).

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