Friday, March 10, 2017

Rationale for Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
EDIM 514 by Bianca Maselko is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
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Before deciding on which Creative Commons License I intend to use for my work on this blog, I read over the "Licensing Portal for Educators" (2010) several times, as well as Doug Johnson's (2009) "Creative Commons and Why It Should Be More Commonly Understood." I eventually settled on the Attribution Non-Commercial license after first reading all six of  the Creative Commons conditions and appreciating the Non-Commerical's description. I'm completely comfortable with educators, students, and just about anyone copying, distributing, displaying, and performing my work, however, I could not admit to being 100 percent comfortable with someone using my work and earning money as a result. My work would still serve the ultimate purpose, and that's to be useful and inspirational for other people; I hope my ideas and creations give educators and students a new profound perspective on a plethora of topics.

Making a contribution to the online educational world has been a goal of mine. Personally, I have learned so much as a teacher by reviewing other educators' work featured on many websites; I've used Prezi presentations, audio recordings found on Youtube, and Podcasts published by other educators, so I truly appreciate the idea of behind Creative Commons when it comes to sharing and innovation. Johnson said " teachers should assign a Creative Commons license to material that they are willing to share with other educators," and because I'm interested in sharing with other educators, I believe assigning a Creative Common license to certain material is wise and necessary in today's world. While, again, I'm fully supportive of others using my works for their own purpose, I think to earn money based on another person's idea or creation is to enter a whole new realm of intention.

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